The Targeted Infusion project at Winston Salem State University develops a mobile classroom response system (MRS) to help students address interactive problems while improving class engagement and enhancing problem solving skills. The project includes four distinct activities: the development of mobile classroom response system software; the development of interactive problem solving course modules and corresponding rubrics that utilize the MRS software; the deployment of the software and course modules in targeted Computer Science classes at Winston Salem State University; and the assessment and documentation of progress. The purpose of the MRS software is to provide a responsive environment where students can solve problems in an interactive way and communicate solutions with the instructor, allowing the instructor to respond providing feedback and student performance data. The MRS software and corresponding course modules will be deployed in sophomore and junior level courses which are required for both Computer Science and Information Technology majors. A comprehensive evaluation framework will be utilized for assessment and evidence-based continuous improvement across the duration of the project.

The project will significantly impact student engagement in the classroom and enhance their problem solving abilities. It will also invigorate interest in the field of computer science among African American undergraduate students through exposure to a technology-rich learning environment, and it will prepare them for graduate school or the workforce. The instructional software system, course modules and study results will be disseminated through websites, publications and presentations, enabling other institutions to effectively incorporate them in their undergraduate computer science curriculum. Undergraduate student researchers working with this project will gain experience in software development in mobile platforms. The project will also enrich teaching strategies by including a diverse set of active learning components.

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Use of Mobile Application to Improve Active Learning and Student Participation in the Computer Science Classroom